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Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED Grow Light+70x70x160cm Tent +4inch iFresh Grow Kits

  • Grow Tent - 70 × 70 × 160cm Grow Tent
  • Grow LED – TS 1000 LED Grow Light
  • Mars Hydro 4-Inch iFresh Complete Fan Kits
Package Include: TS 1000 LED; 70 × 70 × 160cm Tent;  4 inch iFresh Fan;4'' carbon filter, 25' flex ducting, timer, duct clapms*3, 5 gallon grow bags*4, ac 50x50cm plant nets, clip fan, 6-inch scissors, glasses, (NO seedling tray)Please note: This bundle may be shipped separately. The overwhelming choice for most growers applying in grow tent, small room, cabinet & closet, and plant shelves. TS series has all the new light functions and technologies with affordable prices and different sizes to fit all kinds of grow scenarios and grow needs. Their aluminum reflective hood design is our patented design, to decrease light loss and increase light efficiency.  

Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Grow Light + 70x70x160cm Complete Grow Tent Kits

【Package Include】TS 1000 led grow light(150w), hanger kits, 70x70x160cm grow tent, 4" inline duct fan, 4" carbon filter, 25'' length flex ducting, humidity thermometer, timer, 4pcs 5-gallon grow bags, duct clamps. Please note: This bundle may be shipped separately.