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What are the advantages of choosing products from Mars Hydro?

Mars Hydro has thirteen years of experience in indoor growing equipment, we sell directly from the factory to customers at the lowest price with no intermediate costs. And we are never satisfied with the status quo. On the basis of existing products, we continue to develop new products and update old products, in order to give customers a better experience and be a reliable manufacturer.

What products does Mars Hydro mainly include?

Major products sold by Mars Hydro include LED grow lights and indoor grow tents. Among them, LED plant lights include four series- FC, FC-E, TS and SP. Indoor grow tents include Small, Medium, and Large versions of various sizes.

LED Grow Light

For over a decade, Mars Hydro have been dedicated to providing commercially viable LED grow lights for cultivating food and medicine to indoor horticulture growers, from hobbyists to professionals, increasing yields and crop marketability by the adoption of high-quality components, scientific designs, and frontier technology. Here are some pros of our LED grow light:

Top-quality LED Chips: LED grow lights of Mars Hydro use high quality chips which plays the most important role in the whole system of LED like Samsung, Bridgelux and so on.

Professionally Designed Spectra: The blue and red light are enhanced on the basis of a specific spectral combination, accelerating plant growth while improving the yield and quality of the plants. Ensuring uniform plant growth.

Daisy-chain Dimming Function: Dimming function is available for brightness from 10% to 100%, allowing for different stages of plant growth and saving electricity. Up to 30 lights can be daisy-chained together and be controlled by one mater light.

Commercial LED Grow Light: Wave-shaped heat sink increases the heat dissipation area to provide good heat management for commercial growing. 180°foldable for easier installation.

DLC Certification and 5 Years Warranty: DLC-certified LED grow light with the highest industry standards for quality and efficiency. And the lights come with a five-year warranty and a local repair service to address any quality issues.

Indoor Grow Tent

Mars Hydro grow tents are made of no light leaking 1680D canvas durable frameworks, and reflective diamond interiors, to provide a private, safe, effective indoor grow space for cultivators to manage easier, grow happier. A variety of tent sizes are available to accommodate various planting scenarios. Here are some pros of our indoor grow tent:

No Light Leakage Along With High Reflectivity: Mars Hydro indoor grow tents use 1680D tear-proof canvas and carefully stitched zippers to keep all light inside, prevent light leaking.

Strong And Resilient Indoor Grow Tent: With an iron structure and metal corners that support 88LB, Mars Hydro grow tents will certainly not corrosion, neither tip over or be crushed.

Increase Light Intensity: Highly-reflective diamond internal mylar is capable to reflect light to the whole plant and boost the light intensity by 25%, assisting yield more than without a tent.

Handy Designs: Mesh window for quick observation, detachable floor tray for hassle-free maintenance, and round vent holes with adjustable nylon belts for better setup of circulation systems.

Private Also Perpetual Grow Space: Mars Hydro grow tents offer an individual place for growers to cultivate favored plants across the year without worrying about seasons or weather.

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