For a 2×2 Growing Area, What Product Should I Choose From Mars Hydro?

What should be considered when choosing products?

The 2′ x 2′ grow area is very small and suitable for growers who are just starting their indoor growing business. But to maximize the potential yield of this small space, you need a high-efficiency LED grow light around 100 to 150 watts and a grow tent with reflective design. Ideally, the light should be sized to cover the area evenly, cannot be too large or too small, i.e. the light is rectangular and close to the physical dimensions of your grow tent.

In order to help growers better choose LED grow lights that are suitable for their growing area, I will list the LED grow light and grow tent of Mars Hydro that most suitable for 2×2 growing areas.

What product to choose in Mars Hydro?

LED Grow Light: TS1000

Core Coverage 2’x2′

Maximum Coverage 2.5’x2.5′

Low Energy-Consuming LED Grow Light: Consuming 150w and also mounted with 354 chips, TS1000 has the ability to replace a 250w HPS light while reducing 40% power intake.

High Efficiency LED Grow Light: With overall light output PPF 343umol/S as well as amazing PPE 2.3 umol/j, it’s 50% even more photon efficient and can assure a 30% more return than the old HPS/MH lights.

Patent Highly-Reflective Hood Shape: The reflector design on TS1000 is patented, which can effectively gather the light dispersed in all directions to enhance its light intensity as well as assist plants in absorbing more light.

Full Spectrum Plants Favorite Spectra: By the unique mix of spectra that makes most light in the 400-700nm waveband, incredibly conducive to plant photosynthesis. Adequate IR(730-740nm) is additionally consisted of in the range to generate larger buds.

Dimming And Daisy Chain Feature Available: Upon an independent dimming button on the external driver, backing 0-100% settings adaptation and up to 30 LEDs daisy-chained in a group, it supplies different light levels for various plant stages meanwhile saving energy.

Safety Certifications And Service Warranty: CE, ETL, RoHS, UKCA security certifications accepted, 50,000 hours durability, 5-year service warranty, and local after-sales repair centers.

Grow tent:

1. Indoor grow tent: 2’X2′(60x60x140CM)

No Light Leakage And High Reflectivity: Mars Hydro indoor grow tents apply 1680D tear-proof canvas and finely stitched zippers to hold all light inside, prevent light leaking.

Increase Light Intensity: Highly-reflective diamond internal mylar is able to reflect light to the whole plant and increase the light intensity by 25%, helping yield more than without a tent.

Sturdy And Durable Indoor Grow Tent: With an iron frame and metal corners that support up to 88 LB, Mars Hydro grow tents will not rust, nor tip over or be crushed.

User-Friendly Designs: Mesh window for easy observation, removable floor tray for convenient cleaning, and circular vent holes with adjustable nylon straps for better installation of airflow systems.

Private And Perpetual Grow Room: Mars Hydro grow tents provide an individual area for growers to cultivate favorite plants across the year without worrying about seasons or weather.

2.Indoor grow tent: 2’X2′(60X60X90CM)

No Light Leakage Along With High Reflectivity: Mars Hydro indoor grow tents use 1680D tear-proof canvas and carefully stitched zippers to keep all light inside, prevent light leaking.

Strong And Resilient Indoor Grow Tent: With an iron structure and metal corners that support 88LB, Mars Hydro grow tents will certainly not corrosion, neither tip over or be crushed.

Increase Light Intensity: Highly-reflective diamond internal mylar is capable to reflect light to the whole plant and boost the light intensity by 25%, assisting yield more than without a tent.

Handy Designs: Mesh window for quick observation, detachable floor tray for hassle-free maintenance, and round vent holes with adjustable nylon belts for better setup of circulation systems.

Private Also Perpetual Grow Space: Mars Hydro grow tents offer an individual place for growers to cultivate favored plants across the year without worrying about seasons or weather.

Choosing Mars Hydro’s products is definitely your most sensible choice. The products that are most suitable for 2×2 planting area have been listed for you. It is best to use an LED grow light with a grow tent, so as to maximize the use of light and also conducive to increasing the production.

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