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Free Shipping & No Vat/Tax For All Products

VG Light

LED Grow Light for Garden

VG lights are suitable for growing tropical plants because they provide a full spectrum of light similar to natural sunlight, which is essential for the healthy growth of tropical plants. Additionally, VG lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and waterproof, making them ideal for creating the optimal growing conditions required by tropical plants.

Mars Hydro VG40 40W 2FT LED T5 Grow Light for Veg and Seedling

High Quality and Efficiency The VG40 is equipped with 292 high-quality LED beads, providing excellent performance with a specific focus on vegetables, seedlings, and clones. It's a low DLI plant light that operates on just 40 watts, producing minimal heat. This feature allows for closer placement to plant racks, ensuring effective lighting without damaging the plants. Cost-Effective with Low Energy Consumption Designed for seedling cultivation and cloning, the VG40 becomes even more effective when used alongside lights tailored for the flowering stage. By incorporating a cyclic planting approach, it not only shortens the harvest cycle but also significantly boosts yield. Its optimized red light spectrum is key to unlocking plant growth potential and improving quality for a more fruitful harvest. Daisy Chain Capability and Versatile Use With the ability to connect up to 32 units in a daisy chain, the VG40 is ideal for commercial growing setups. Its compatibility with various indoor planting systems, including bottom, side, under-lighting, and top lighting, addresses challenges like slow growth and insufficient light for tall plants. IP65-Rated Water Resistance The VG40 is designed with a special transparent waterproof lampshade, safeguarding the LEDs and circuits from moisture. This makes it highly effective in humid environments, ensuring reliability and longevity without compromising performance. Long Lifespan and Warranty The VG40 boasts an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan backed by a 5-year warranty, offering growers added confidence and peace of mind in its durability and performance.

Mars Hydro VG80 80W Under Canopy LED Grow Light for Veg

The VG80 LED T5 Grow Light is designed for seedlings, cloning, vegetable propagation, and indoor tropical plant cultivation, offering wide coverage and low power consumption. It features a full-spectrum design, using OSRAM chips, and has an IP65 waterproof rating, making it suitable for fast growth of clones and low DLI green leaf plants. It consumes less energy and costs less electricity than fluorescent T5 bulbs. Providing high-quality vegetable light, the VG80 promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Wattage - 80W (40W Each Light Bar)
  • Core Coverage: 4ft*2ft
  • Recommended tent size: 120x60cm
  【Energy-efficient】: Capable of providing high light intensity with lower energy consumption, contributing to reduced electricity costs. 【Long lifespan】: Fewer tube replacements and maintenance costs. 【Low heat generation】: Unlike traditional fluorescent tubes, LED tube produces very little heat, aiding in maintaining indoor temperatures. 【Compact design】: Thinner than traditional T5 fluorescent tubes, making it easier to install on plant cultivation racks or in planting boxes.

Full spectrum

Optimized for The Growth

Daisy Chain and Commercial Value

IP65-Rated Water Resistance

A Partner for Plant Racks and Stands

The VG lights are easy installation and ability to daisy-chain up to 32 LED lights make it convenient for commercial growers. VG lights feature a high-efficiency design that significantly reduces energy consumption compared to traditional lighting solutions, thus saving operating costs.

The VG grow light features a stable waterproof design and versatility, allowing it to meet the needs of various indoor planting systems and applications. It can be used for bottom, side, under, and top lighting, catering to diverse requirements. Additionally, it effectively addresses issues such as slow growth and narrow leaves due to insufficient light, providing an efficient supplemental lighting solution.

The VG grow lights are suitable for growing Microgreens due to their low heat generation and stable waterproof design, ensuring healthy growth in optimal conditions. Additionally, their versatility and energy efficiency allow them to be flexibly installed on Microgreen growing racks, providing illumination from bottom, side, under, and top positions while reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

The VG grow light has a low wattage, which prevents plant burning, and it can meet the lighting needs of different crops. Moreover, it is versatile in installation, accommodating various mounting methods.

Mars Hydro 6 Pieces Heavy Duty Garden Tools Set for Home Garden Enthusiasts

What you will get?
  • Dual-purpose hoe: A versatile tool for both cultivating soil and removing weeds in the garden.
  • Seedling transplanter: A device crafted for the precise planting of seedlings or young plants.
  • Wide shovel: An effective tool for digging, lifting, and moving soil in larger garden areas.
  • Narrow shovel: A specialized shovel designed for precise work in confined or smaller spaces.
  • Pruner: Handheld cutting tools ideal for trimming and shaping plants by selectively removing branches or stems.
  • Handheld storage bag: A portable bag designed to organize and carry various gardening tools, ensuring easy accessibility during gardening tasks.

Mars Hydro 7 Day Programmable Automatic Timer for Lights Switches

The automatic digital timer is designed to control the electrical power and perfect resolution to save energy. Suitable for most types of electrical devices. Automatically turn on or off your devices, making your life easier and smarter. 【20 Sets ON/OFF Programs】 – The electronic timer offers up to 20 set programs to turn on/off electronics automatically, you can control your lights or fixtures multiple times daily, every other day and weekly, to easily save time and money. 【Daily Repeat Setting】 – This digital clock timer allows extremely convenient and flexible time setting for week, hour, minute and second directly, setting recurring schedules for your devices, eliminating the hassle of reprogramming the timer each day to simplify your scheduling process. 【Save Energy & Money】 – Take control of your energy consumption and reduce utility bills by using the programmable timers to efficiently manage the ON/OFF cycles of your appliances and electronics, making the plug-in timer a wise investment for environmentally-conscious users and budget-conscious households. 【Multiple Uses】 – The digital timer switches apply to various electrical appliances, such as LED grow lights, plant care, Christmas lights, table lamps, cooling systems, heating systems, kitchen appliances, humidifiers, aquariums, ventilators, and more.

Do you have questions about VG Grow Lights?

What plants are suitable for growing with the VG grow lights?

VG lights are suitable for growing a variety of plants, including vegetables, herbs, flowers, mushroom and tropical plants.

Is the VG grow lights waterproof?

IP65-Rated Water Resistance: The VG grow light panel is installed with a special transparent waterproof lampshade to prevent the diode and circuit from moisture, ensuring that it can work properly in highly humid environments without shortening its lifespan.

Why are the VG grow lights suitable for growing tropical plants?

VG lights are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and waterproof, making them ideal for creating the optimal growing conditions required by tropical plants.

Are the VG grow lights suitable for large-scale cultivation?

Yes.The VG grow lights easy installation and ability to daisy-chain up to 32 LED lights make it convenient for commercial growers.

Why do we need supplemental lighting?

The VG grow lights can solve the problem of slow growth and narrow leaves in tall plants due to insufficient light.

Are grow lights better with or without UV?

UV light has the ability to destroy harmful microorganisms, particularly when the wavelengths are shorter than 300 nm. Not only that, but UV light can increase your plants' resistance to bacteria, insects, and fungi. Grow plants indoors without any UV exposure, and you'll lack all of these benefits.

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